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Correction of scars and stretch marks

Correction of scars and stretch marks is one of the most popular procedures of modern cosmetology among women and men of any age category. Everyone dreams of a trim curvy figure, which is very difficult to achieve due to the appearance of such flaws. They can spoil not only the appearance of your skin but also negatively affect your self-esteem and psychological state.

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Correction of scars and stretch marks is a rather difficult task. The main thing is the correctly selected complex therapy. The sooner the treatment is started, the greater the likelihood of obtaining a pronounced positive effect.

After all, as you know, recently formed scars and stretch marks still have a fairly good nutrition of damaged tissues, and therefore there is still a great potential for their complete recovery.

BG LAB’s advantages


A high-quality innovative equipment such as EXIMIA device is used


Highly qualified specialists


A pre-manipulation examination minimizes risks


Painlessness and effectiveness of the procedure

Treatment methods

At the aesthetic medicine center BG LAB, the most modern treatment techniques are used for the correction of scars and stretch marks:

  • peeling;
  • mesotherapy;
  • dermaroller.

These techniques are used both separately and in combination. The features of their combination are individual and are applied differently in each specific situation.

To select the most optimal and effective correction method, you need to contact our qualified specialists.

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Laserporation is an effective method of skin rejuvenation. This technology is based on the low-energy laser stimulation of cells. Therewith, microcaps are formed between the cells, into which active substances destroying skin indurations are administered by the non-injection method. Moreover, the procedure involves heating the tissue, which stimulates fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and elastin.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a procedure of laser exposure to the dermis surface, aimed at skin leveling. This method perfectly copes with the removal of striae, stretch marks, and scars.


Another way of skin leveling by making striae, stretch marks and scars less noticeable is biorevitalization. This is an injection technology, which is based on the subcutaneous injection of special cocktails containing hyaluronic acid. As a result of the course of procedures, the skin looks relaxed and refreshed, as its overall state is improved significantly.

Plasma lifting

Plasma lifting is a safe, highly effective, and universal PRP-therapy. This technique involves the administration of the patient's RBC- and WBC-free plasma saturated with platelets into the deep layers of the epidermis. Platelets accelerate the healing process of damaged tissues, cell renewal, and tissue density restoration. They improve the metabolic processes in the upper dermis, resilience, and elasticity of the skin.

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PRP-therapy initiates the natural processes of rejuvenation, thanks to which the quality of the skin is improved. Therefore, patients who have undergone a course of procedures observe how their skin becomes smoother, more resilient, and moisturized.


Mesotherapy can help in an effort to have the perfect surface of the skin without scars and stretch marks. This technique involves the administration of special cocktails into the epidermis, which are saturated with skin-care substances that stimulate skin cells to more actively produce collagen and elastin.


Dermaroller therapy is a manual mesotherapy carried out by means of a special roller. The use of this device allows getting rid of not only scars and stretch marks but also hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc. A positive result becomes visible after one procedure. So its quick action also relates to the advantages of dermaroller therapy.

Superficial peels

Superficial peels are the safest method of exposure of chemicals, laser, and ultrasound to the horny layer and several deeper layers of cells in order to accelerate the cell renewal processes. Factors affecting the keratinized cells of the dermis contribute to the smoothing of the skin, this is why its color and state are improved.

Median peeling

Median peeling is another cosmetic procedure by means of which stretch marks and scars can be removed from the skin surface. This is a technique for removing dead skin cells of the epidermis, activating regenerative processes and skin renewal.

RF Eximia

Eximia is an innovative device that performs a whole range of procedures, including laser-poration, radio-lifting, mini radio-lift, and diamond microdermabrasion. To eliminate scars, striae, and stretch marks, RF lifting is most suitable.

RF EndyMed

Fractional RF lifting is a technology that combines several techniques: fractional resurfacing and thermolifting. To implement this procedure, we use the EndyMed device. It affects the deep layers of the epidermis in such a way that, as a result, the skin is leveled, its density and elasticity are restored.

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The course of endomassage procedures activates the formation of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. The active functioning of fibroblasts allows creating a new skin matrix, that is, to restore a skin vibrancy.

Hydra Facial diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is a soft mechanical peeling, which is aimed at the removal of the horny particles of the skin. Therewith, special nozzles with a different cut are used.

Eximia diamond microdermabrasion

It is possible to smooth the skin and even out its color by means of microdermabrasion, the mechanical peeling, which involves removing the stratum corneum using a special device. This procedure can be performed with the help of the Eximia hardware. Microdermabrasion is a hardware resurfacing of the upper stratum of the dermis.

In addition, our center offers special programs for the prevention of stretch marks. They are based on the use of professional cosmetics, which not only strengthen the skin but also make it more elastic and resilient. These cosmetics consist of only high-quality and natural products such as essential oils, plant extracts, collagen, and elastin.

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Call, make an appointment and visit the aesthetic medicine center BG LAB and you will certainly be satisfied with the result!

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In the BG LAB clinic, not only experienced and highly-qualified professionals work but also real aesthetes who will help to make your beauty natural and perfect!

Barsuchenko Svetlana Gennadievna

Project author

Voytiv Juliana Lyubomirovna

Chief physician, dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist, trichologist

Zhuchenko Olga Pavlovna

Dermatocosmetologist, body aesthetist

Andreev Pavel Valerievich

Dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist


Barsuchenko Svetlana Gennadievna
Project author


Voytiv Juliana Lyubomirovna
Chief physician, dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist, trichologist


Zhuchenko Olga Pavlovna
Dermatocosmetologist, body aesthetist


Andreev Pavel Valerievich
Dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist


Datsenko Ruslana Anatolyevna
Dermatocosmetologist, chiropodist


Degtyareva Larisa Mikhailovna
Head nurse


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